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"We are only as good as our team members on every project"

David Smith

Smith & Severson


 "I've had the pleasure of working with MB Coatings on many projects over the past several years. "In addition to their dedication, quality craftsmanship and willingness to go the extra mile, they are honest and competitive in the marketplace. We consider MB Coatings to be an integral part of the HK family and recommend their work at any level."
Travis Herigon
HK General Contractors

"We passed a huge milestone which gives Capital Group permission to occupy their new space in Irvine.  I wanted to thank MB Coatings for getting the job done on time and for being clean and respectful to the occupied environment."


Steve Gabbert

Director of Sustainability 

Jason Muir


Snyder Langston


"I have been dealing with MB Coatings since their inception. I have found that they are organized, efficient, and extremely professional.  MB Coatings is the type of customer that I really enjoy, they feel more like business partners than a client.  They never skimp on quality and have highly skilled painters. This combination creates a great finished product that we both can be proud of. It's rare to find a Coatings Company that gives every project, big or small, such personalized attention."


Troy Smirin

District Manager

Vista Paint Corporation


"MB Coatings understands what servicing a client requires. At Smith and Severson, we pride ourselves on being “Focused on Service Excellence.” MB Coatings team has serviced our company in the most demanding projects consistently and cost effectively since we have started. We realize we are only as good as our team members on every project and are proud to consider MB Coatings a vital part of our team."


David Smith


Smith & Serverson Builders

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